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Matrix Tracker

Track samples, assets or anything else within your laboratory with our configurable laboratory sample tracking software.

Matrix Tracker provides tracking functionality without test capabilities

Today companies and organizations operate in highly regulated environments, requiring the need to track and report on items, activities or events, with certainty, as they occur. Keeping track of laboratory samples is a challenging but necessary task, with the ability to locate, store and verify their validity being key to the overall operation.

Spreadsheets which were traditionally used, are no longer suitable for keeping track of the vast number of samples created in laboratory environments and need to be replaced with laboratory information management systems.

Matrix Tracker is laboratory sample tracking software that provides high throughput and error reducing capabilities – making it the perfect tool for tracking samples in your lab. From samples and reagents to consumables, waste, or assets within your laboratory, the unique flexibility of Matrix software means it can be quickly configured to meet your exact needs. Our powerful Matrix graphical configuration tools enable allow you to setup and modify the workflows, screens and menus to meet detailed requirements.


The easier way to track samples and other items

Matrix Tracker can be precisely configured to meet user & business requirements

Laboratory sample tracking

In application areas such as bio-banking and clinical trials the sample tracking capabilities of Matrix Tracker are of huge importance in traceability, chain of custody and regulatory compliance.

Every year, for instance, an estimated seven billion samples are tested in US laboratories alone. It’s an essential component of the diagnostic process, contributing to 70 percent of all medical decisions. Imagine then, if inefficient processes, a lack of checks for errors or a mislabeled tissue sample resulted in misdiagnosis …

This is equally true for all industries which require samples to be tracked. The tracking of hazardous waste whether this be for hospital environments or industrial environments such as the nuclear industry, all need to be accounted for and locatable in real-time.

Lab tube testing

Examples of tracking

  • Human Clinical Trials

    Collection, processing and storage of serum samples

  • Pathology Studies

    Collection, processing and archiving of slides, tissues and fluids

  • Bio-Active Materials

    Production and control of labels during manufacturing

  • Hazardous Waste

    Tracking, location and management of radioactive, bio-hazard or chemical waste

  • Samples & Seed Banks

    Finding stored samples in rooms, fridges and freezers

  • Stability Samples

    Location of retained samples or stability samples and associated records

  • Reusable Containers

    Recording and tracking the usage and location of re-usable containers through a production and test process

Flexible laboratory sample tracking software

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Case Study

Roy Castle Institute


Matrix Gemini LIMS at work in Cancer Research Trials

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (RCLCF) is a UK wide charity dedicated to the defeat of lung cancer. RCLCF funds research into the early detection of lung cancer.

Solution: LIMS

RCLCF - Cancer Research

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