Pristima XD Preclinical Trials LIMS

An all-in-one Preclinical LIMS - the gold standard for end-to-end drug discovery, preclinical trials, or preclinical research & development

Preclinical LIMS Overview

Pristima XD provides a single unified environment to manage preclinical drug development, whether performed in-house or in contract research organizations (CROs). An all-in-one preclinical trials LIMS solution.

Pristima XD revolutionizes the way users access and utilize preclinical information today. By integrating data from various internal and external systems, it offers a unified solution that enhances transparency of core business data. Tight integration empowers team members with clear, comprehensive insights, enabling them to make informed and effective decisions.

Graphic of a laboratory technician using Pristima XD preclinical LIMS

Key benefits of Preclinical LIMS

  • Total preclinical trials solution improves productivity and reduces costs

  • Manages the entire preclinical lifecycle from subject acquisition through FDA SEND submission

  • Manage animal care and veterinary health, orders, billing, and clinical records in long-term studies

  • Create, merge, validate, and visualize preclinical study data, and prepare FDA SEND-compliant data sets

The Complete Preclinical Ecosystem

Pristima XD streamlines the entire preclinical lifecycle, from subject acquisition to veterinary management, compliance and IACUC oversight, through study execution and FDA SEND submissions. This comprehensive solution ensures seamless management and coordination across all stages of the preclinical process.

Core System

The core system is a complete, preclinical LIMS platform that provides everything you need to support research and safety study management, vivarium management, and veterinary care across the full lifecycle of your preclinical studies.

Veterinary Management

Veterinary Management (VM) provides robust functionality to manage veterinary health, orders, billing, clinical records, and more, for animal care in long-term studies.

FDA SEND Datasets

Pristima XD enables your organization to effortlessly create, merge, validate, and visualize preclinical study data, irrespective of its source or format. Its robust SEND submission feature empowers life sciences organizations to efficiently prepare and assemble SEND-compliant datasets, ensuring complete, and correctly formatted, documentation for seamless FDA submission. This holistic approach streamlines the data management process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in FDA compliance.

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Pristima XD is Xybion's preclinical LIMS to manage all aspects of early drug research trials with vivarium and veterinary management, study management, and other modules within the LIMS.

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