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Matrix Web Portal

Allows remote web access for clients

Differentiate Your Services

Matrix Gemini Web Portal

The Matrix Gemini Web Portal allows laboratories to differentiate their services by providing 24/7 access to testing services. Using the Web Portal clients can register samples, select the testing they wish to be carried out, check the status of samples being tested, download test results, and retrieve certificates of analysis from anywhere. The Web Portal may be modified to match corporate branding.

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Standard Functionality

Cost effective and efficient

Key features:

  • Secure, self-service, client web portal

  • External clients can register, check and report on their samples 24/7

  • Can only see/access their own data

Key benefits:

  • Allows external clients to register samples, check sample status, retrieve test results, and download certificates of analysis

  • Access and view data from anywhere

  • Easy to setup new clients

  • Screens can be configured to suit client specific needs using our Matrix Configuration Tools

Ideal Solution

Flexible web interface

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