LIMS Implementation Services

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Why are implementation services needed?

Despite many laboratories thinking they are very similar to all others, our experience is that everyone, even in the same industry, is different. Workflows, procedures, and nomenclature, for example, all tend to be different in some way. Therefore, Matrix Gemini has been designed to be highly flexible, and quickly configurable to meet the exact needs of your LIMS implementation. Laboratories also increasingly attach instruments, sample handling equipment and external systems to their LIMS often requiring LIMS implementation services to address the specific challenges of this. If you want to implement an effective LIMS in your lab, contact us, or read on to find out more.

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Key LIMS implementation service tasks

  • Adding extra fields to capture and display specific data

  • Changing terminology to that familiar for the users

  • Defining workflows to match specific laboratory operations

  • Configuring reports to specific customer requirements

  • Integrating the LIMS with instruments and external systems

  • Implementing user privileges that limit specific tasks to certain users/groups/sites

  • Providing language specific screen variants, based on user preference

  • Adapting management charts and reports to suit reporting needs


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Fast, Flexible Configuration

Ensures a successful LIMS implementation

Our Matrix Configuration Tools enable configuration without software coding. Our visual configuration tools, built into the core product, ensure the layout of every screen in the workflow can be quickly adapted to the users’ exact requirements, making it intuitive and easy to use. Maintenance is made easier as the configuration is stored separately to the software, allowing the underlying core software to be updated without affecting the configuration. There are many more benefits implementing of LIMS with this methodology and these are discussed on our Matrix Configuration Tools page.

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LIMS implementation requires planning


Implementation methodology

We use Agile design methods during LIMS implementation to allow fast feedback between the client and the implementation team. Agile does not mean throwing away the rule book, instead Agile methodology emphasizes fast cycles of design work and high levels of engagement and interaction.  The diagram outlines the typical process.

Agile LIMS implementation starts with a requirements document. The client may have this already, or a workshop can be held to develop one. The requirements are then split into phases, or sprints, during project planning. Each sprint then proceeds through development, quality assurance testing, deployment and client testing. After all the phases are finished final testing ensures the LIMS is ready to go live. Clients remain engaged in testing and feedback throughout each phase of the LIMS implementation.

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Key LIMS Implementation Questions to Ask

  • Laboratory Team


    LIMS Consulting

    Autoscribe Informatics provide technical LIMS Consulting. Let our expert consulting team handle project implementation, validation and management.

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    LIMS Validation

    Autoscribe have many years of experience in providing validation services to help our customers operate their Matrix systems according to regulatory requirements.

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    Matrix Configuration Tools

    Matrix Configuration Tools provide superior flexibility, ensuring an exact fit to customer requirements, resulting in an interface that is familiar for each user.