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Xybion QMS

A standalone all-In-one digital Quality Management System

Quality System Management (QMS)

Xybion QMS is purpose-built for today's digital world with embedded quality, risk and compliance for your entire enterprise  in a single SaaS platform.

It is designed from the ground up for highly regulated industries where strict evidence-based documentation of activities are necessary for compliance or safety and liability management. With multiple modules and a built-in configuration engine Xybion QMS may be quickly adapted to suit the exact needs for your business and operating style.

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Key benefits of Xybion QMS

  • Streamline quality management processes by eliminating disconnected systems within siloed working environments

  • Deploy only the specific functionality needed to ensure specific quality and compliance needs

  • Helps reduce manual data entry errors via automated processes

  • Ensure 21 CFR Part 11 compliance on electronic records and signatures

  • Modules for CAPA, Audit, Complaint, Change, Document, Competency Management, and more

  • Meet ISO standards, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11, financial reporting, governance regulations, and more.

Rapid QMS Configuration Engine

The platform is built from the ground up to enable rapid configuration of the QMS modules. Users only need to deploy the QMS modules they need for their operations, and these are configured using built-in configuration tools, allowing great flexibility in the look and feel of the system. This rapid configuration engine solves the last-mile problem, where historically, the only way to align applications to the company's needs is to develop client-specific customizations. Configuration changes are delivered within days instead of weeks avoiding the need for manual workarounds and custom coding.

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Why Xybion QMS

A Quality Management System You Can Trust

Xybion QMS modules include

  • CAPA Management

  • Audit Management

  • Complaint Management

  • Change Management

  • Document Management

  • Non-Conformance Management

  • Incident Management

  • Competency Management

  • Internal Controls

  • Programs and Objectives

  • IT Governance

  • Quality Management


Discover Xybion QMS

Xybion QMS is an all-in-one digital quality management system with built-in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management and Business Process Management (BPM) to manage your entire business.

Xybion QMS is a standalone quality management system, incorporating modules to predict quality management failures in an audit, document authoring and management tools, capa management and other modules to ensure success across an enterprise.

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