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LIMS are used extensively within hospital and healthcare industries, from pathology labs to clinical trials and beyond.

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Medical & healthcare industry LIMS

BioBank Manager

Biobank management

Biobanks and biorepositories are a key element in a growing number of organizations in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical research. The ability to manage an ever increasing number of bio-samples (blood, tissue, DNA etc.), and to comply with the regulatory requirements, such as HTA, GCLP, MHRA and national regulations, is a high priority for all organizations working in this area. Samples need to be tracked at all times and it is essential to be able to record the complete genealogy for all samples and track the aliquots, pooled samples and derivatives of each sample.

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Clinical trials

Matrix Tracker has been implemented as a sample or tissue tracking solution for clinical trials management. It tracks sample collection, chain of custody, storage, retrieval and provides reporting for the trials and studies. It also helps you comply with the requirements of operating in a regulated environment.

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Matrix Gemini Medical Device LIMS

Medical Device LIMS

Matrix Gemini Pathology LIMS

Pathology LIMS

Matrix Gemini Radiopharmacy LIMS

Radiopharmacy LIMS

Mortuary/Morgue Software

Mortuary/Morgue Management

Mortuary Manager provides a complete workflow to aid the work of mortuaries/morgues, confirm that all the necessary procedures are followed from reception to release of the deceased and to minimize the risk of errors. It is the complete Mortuary/Morgue software package.

Developed using Autoscribe’s highly configurable Matrix Gemini software, Mortuary Manager provides an easy to use solution that specifically addresses the needs of mortuary/morgue staff and managers. It enables the adoption of modern IT solutions to track patients and related data.

Key Highlights:

  • Complete Mortuary/Morgue software package
  • Eliminate administrative errors using a simple visual workflow
  • Enforce compliance to relevant regulations (e.g. UK HTA)
  • Drive management efficiency with all pertinent data at your fingertips
  • Track key data including patient property, specimens taken for lab-work, death certificates, post-mortem results and other key data Role-based access control ensures data security
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Mortuary/Morgue Manager

Mortuary/Morgue Manager is a tracking system designed to support the day-to-day running of a mortuary/morgue. The friendly and efficient visual workflow is simple to understand and use, yet includes all the controls and balances to help eliminate administrative errors that can result in negative news stories and be distressing to friends and family.

The system will fit the needs of busy mortuary/morgue staff, ensuring complete traceability for the mortuary/morgue data. Developed using Autoscribe’s highly configurable Matrix Tracker software, Mortuary/Morgue Manager provides an easy to use solution that specifically addresses the needs of mortuary/morgue staff and managers.

The deceased’s details may be logged into the system upon entry to the mortuary/morgue. Details might include name, address and next of kin and other supporting information. The fields for this information may be easily configured to fit a mortuary’s/morgue's specific needs. Additional fields allow notes to be taken, clothing or other personal items to be noted, and any additional files, such as copies of documents or photographs to be attached to the deceased’s record. The body is assigned a fridge location which may be easily updated if the body is moved to ensure a complete chain of custody. For management purposes costs associated with various mortuary/morgue procedures may also be associated with the with the deceased.

Key features of the mortuary/morgue management system include:

  • secure logins
  • full deceased details (including that of family members)
  • logging of post-mortem results and death certificates, allowing you to concentrate on the department’s day to day activities and care of the deceased

Mortuary/Morgue Manager provides a complete chain-of-custody process for the care of the deceased and helps automate many of the day-to-day management tasks associated with a mortuary/morgue.

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