Try before you buy!

As LIMS become more functional and advanced, it is frequently difficult for potential customers to differentiate between various suppliers based on product demonstrations. Even scripted demonstrations, where the customer provides examples of their workflow, samples and tests, do not always reveal the differences between suppliers, as most systems can accommodate these requirements, even if the vendor has to spend time writing custom extensions to their core application using a programming or scripting language.

We often hear "All LIMS are the same!"

We know that this is not true and hence we have introduced a new program, available to our potential customers, that allows them to prove this to themselves. In addition a Proof of Concept helps in the creation of final requirements and in the business case for the implementation of a LIMS.

As the Matrix family of products has the most powerful configuration tools of any LIMS, we welcome an opportunity to allow potential customers to have a “hands-on” experience with our software, to truly test its capabilities and its ability to match specific customer requirements. The Proof of Concept offers a unique opportunity for potential customers to test for themselves how easy Matrix is to maintain and use.

Furthermore a Proof of Concept Program can replace highly expensive consultancy services.

Autoscribe is pleased to offer our formal PROOF OF CONCEPT Program that includes:

  • A review of your requirements over the phone; a User Requirements document is produced based on those discussions.
  • Matrix Gemini LIMS is then configured to meet an agreed percentage of the requirements and the configured system is then delivered and installed for the evaluation period of up to one month. Users of the system are trained as part of this process.
  • A license to use Matrix Gemini LIMS for a period of 30 days.
  • Full system support during the Proof of Concept program.

N.B. 50% of the Proof of Concept fees, excluding travel costs, will be credited if a purchase order for a Matrix system is received by Autoscribe Informatics within 3 months of the end of the Proof of Concept program.

The customer needs to be able to provide:

  1. The computer hardware, OS and network
  2. The license for the host database to be used (SQL Server or Oracle)
  3. The license for Crystal Reports 12 or higher, if reports are to be modified or created as part of the POC.

Please phone or use our contact form above for details