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Our unique 'Proof of Concept' service allows you to try before you buy

Wouldn’t it be great for all of life’s major purchases if you could try before you buy? Imagine having the chance to put a new car through its paces on the motorway for a few weeks and then be able to take it back to the showroom if it didn’t meet your expectations!

Here at Autoscribe
we’ve come up with a novel scheme that adopts many of those ‘try before you buy’ principles for our Matrix Gemini LIMS.

The idea is to save time and money and minimise the risk for laboratories embarking on LIMS and sample management projects by offering a unique ‘Proof of Concept’ service. We’re making use of Matrix Gemini’s versatile configuration capabilities to set up a system that will work on an agreed percentage of the laboratory’s needs, then providing an evaluation period of the system for up to a month! The amount of work involved in setting this up for a laboratory means that a fee will be charged, but the good news is that 50% of it will be offset against the value of a Matrix system if an order is received within 3 months of the end of the evaluation period!

So what do you get for this one-off fee? This comprehensive ‘Proof of Concept’ service includes detailed discussions with all of the relevant departments and personnel in order to identify all mandatory items and the desirable but not essential items. This allows the creation of a User Requirements document including, where needed, flow diagrams related to the work patterns and responsibilities. Matrix Gemini is then configured to meet the agreed percentage of the requirements and the configured system is then delivered and installed for the evaluation period of up to one month.

This approach is only made viable because of the ease of configuration of Matrix Gemini, which keeps the costs very low making it a very attractive, low-risk option for potential users. A major additional benefit is that the customer has access to Autoscribe’s considerable experience in defining projects and developing a User Requirements Document. – one of the most powerful and useful pieces of documentation in the LIMS buying process!

They say that ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ and while that is certainly true, our ‘Proof of Concept’ scheme is probably as close as it gets in the world of LIMS!