Food Safety/HACCP Using Environmental Monitoring

Autoscribe Informatics 30 Second LIMS Explainer Video

LIMS Intro - An Introduction to Laboratory Information Management Systems

Instrument Interfaces to LIMS using MIDAS

An overview of Instrument Interfacing using MIDAS.

Biobank Manager

This video briefly describes the Biobank Manager Starter Configuration.Designed to follow ISBER Best Practices the Autoscribe Informatics' Biobank Manager makes managing biobanks easy. It allows you to register, store and retrieve samples with ease as well as control the hand-off and return of bio-samples with 3rd party researchers and biobanks.Remember that every screen, menu and button you see here can be changed using our unique graphical configuration tools to your exact needs making this system the most flexible biobank solution available. Watch this video and see how easily it can be used to manage your Biobank. Then find out more on the Biobanking page.

Stability Study LIMS

This 4 min video briefly describes the Stability Study LIMS solution. Autoscribe Informatics' Matrix Gemini Stability is a LIMS specifically designed for Stability Studies projects. It allows you to configure, run and manage stability studies with ease across a wide variety of industries.Whether you are monitoring the shelf life of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry or the sell-by date for perishable food this Stability Study Management LIMS has it all. Watch this video and see how easily it can be used for your next stability study project. Then find out more on the Matrix Gemini Stability page.

Veterinary LIMS

This 4 min video briefly describes the Veterinary LIMS solution.The Autoscribe Informatics Veterinary LIMS solution is perfect for veterinary practices and pathology laboratories to track samples and sample results. It provides the ideal LIMS solution to ensure samples and test data are never lost and mix-ups don't occur. Whether you specialize in equine pathology, small animals or large animals the Matrix Gemini Veterinary LIMS helps you drive best practice and provide the highest levels of service and satisfaction to your customers.

Mortuary Management System

This Mortuary Manager demo shows an out-of-the-box solution that can be easily customized to support the day-to-day running of any mortuary/morgue.

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