Guarantee regulatory compliance and reduced costs in environmental, water, waste water laboratories.

Environmental laboratories are consistently expected to increase productivity while maintaining or improving quality and also ensuring regulatory compliance while reducing overall operating costs. This is not an easy task.

Many environmental laboratories rely heavily on manual, paper-based processes that are inefficient and can be prone to errors. Transcription errors and failure to take appropriate actions can impact a company's ability to comply with regulations.

Using an Autoscribe Informatics Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), environmental laboratories can have an out-of-the-box solution that is installed ready to go. The Matrix Configuration Tools enable workflows and screens to be altered to fit the unique requirements of each environmental laboratory from water and wastewater to soil testing labs.

Perfect Sampling Plans

Autoscribe Informatics Matrix Gemini LIMS solutions provide all the functionality required to define and deliver a complete environmental monitoring protocol including a sampling plan and testing schedule. The sampling plan identifies the sampling points within single or multiple controlled environments and defines the frequency of monitoring. It also defines which test or tests are to be carried out on each of the samples collected. This can include chemical, microbiological and physical tests. Some tests will be performed monthly, for a specific sampling point, but others are only done on a quarterly or annual basis. Different sampling points may have differing requirements.

All test definitions are adaptable and results plus meta-data associated with tests and microbiological assays may be captured and compared with limits. Results can be trended to show the variation of results over time or passed to a statistics package for further analysis. Different alert and action limits can be specified for each test at each sampling site and triggers can be set up to ensure that any violations of these limits are immediately reported to the staff responsible.


  • Logging single or multiple samples with automatic number assignment
  • Track samples, sample routes and sampling schedules with ease
  • Use of template samples to automatically schedule routine tests with associated limits
  • Print sample labels, barcodes and worksheets to send with containers
  • Samples logged in along with associated scanned chain-of-custody forms
  • Automatic calculations of due dates and hold times for preparation and analysis
  • Samples approaching expiration date can be flagged and prioritized
  • Track the storage location samples, splits and sub-samples
  • Prep batches and Quality Control samples such as blanks and spikes may be monitored
  • Wide variety of reports available, including a 12 point rolling average trend report with nested limits and alarms specifically required by the UK Environment Agency or USEPA

"Sampling all the functionality required to define and deliver a complete environmental monitoring protocol."

Water & Waste Water LIMS Solutions

Water testing laboratories and laboratories that support water treatment plants have long discovered the benefits of LIMS. Today many are looking to replace earlier systems with a system that is easier to support, has a proven upgrade path and is highly flexible and configurable.

Our Matrix Gemini LIMS has been developed with inputs from several large US metropolitan water districts and contains the deep functionality, automation, traceability and reports needed for this application. Until now, most LIMS targeted at this application were either custom written and therefore expensive to support and hard to upgrade, or were commercial systems that delivered some of the required functionality, but were very rigid and difficult to change. Our LIMS solutions come pre-configured but also make configuration changes during the lifetime of the software straightforward.

Waste Tracker LIMS Solutions

Matrix Tracker is designed to track any type of hazardous waste samples anywhere in an organization for compliance with regulatory authority legislation. Applications include the tracking of nuclear waste, biohazard waste from hospitals and veterinary practices and waste electrical equipment (WEE).

A barcode ready tracking system, it allows the registration of hazardous waste items, progress/status checking, tracking, chain of custody management and reporting, lookup of reference lists (e.g. the EWC list) and consignment of hazardous waste. Details of carriers, consignees and users, with their associated authority, are all stored within the system. Matrix Hazardous Waste Tracker simplifies hazardous waste management by tracking waste to comply with the industry regulations and codes of practice associated with specific industries.

Matrix Tracker provides traceability and accountability by auditing all actions and eliminates errors by allocating a unique identifier to each item of hazardous waste. Immediate feedback on waste status is available. The system is delivered with fully configurable reports which include waste status on-site, waste status consigned off-site for specified date range plus any specific reporting required by regulatory authorities to ensure correct disposal procedures as defined in their guidelines.

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For more information see our Matrix Gemini for Environmental Labs Brochure

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Examples of our LIMS solutions being used in the environmental laboratories:

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These are just some examples of areas we have worked within. If you have an environmental laboratory and are looking for a LIMS - please contact us to discuss your needs or a web demonstration.