Pathology LIMS

Manage the testing of human samples such as blood and tissue, from submission and result entry to approval and reporting.

Matrix Gemini Pathology LIMS

Perfect for pathology laboratories

The Matrix Gemini Pathology LIMS is designed to meet the requirements of pathology laboratories to manage the testing of disease of human samples such as blood or tissue. The software can manage samples from submission through result entry and checking, result validation and approval to final reporting.

Patients, doctors and consultants rely on pathology laboratories to provide accurate data 100% of the time. Matrix Gemini Pathology LIMS helps to provide this with instrument interfacing to automate the import of analysis results. This eliminates typographical errors and speeds up the laboratory throughput, reducing operational costs.

The configurability of the Matrix Gemini Pathology LIMS means that it can be configured and re-configured to meet both current and future requirements without the need to write "one-off" custom code. The use of this standard but configurable solution means that the potential life of the system is extended and the cost of ownership reduced.

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Matrix Gemini Pathology LIMS

Features include:

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