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Safety is our priority, so our food LIMS enables traceability from farm gate to plate

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Food and beverage LIMS

Food LIMS management

Our drink and food manufacturing lab management software works for global supply chains

Quality assurance

Our food and beverage LIMS solutions enable quality assurance through traceability

Traceability provides quality assurance. Food and drink companies need to control the production, shipping and storage of raw materials and products. The best way to manage this is with a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). LIMS, among other uses, manage data throughout food supply chains to provide traceability of issues.

The Sample Management function of our LIMS software allows samples to be registered and tracked in real time with ease. This can show immediately which batches fall short of desired standards. Labs can use LIMS to confirm results and kick off Corrective And Preventative Actions (CAPA) to halt or change the production process. This minimizes both the risk and cost of errors.

Autoscribe Informatics’ LIMS for food and beverage testing is designed to assist in the control and monitoring of manufacturing processes. This ensures traceability and safety while helping to control and manage costs. LIMS are a critical component for any food, dairy, beverage and brewing manufacturer's quality management system. They ensure compliance with strict food industry standards and regulations.

Reporting, invoicing and more can be handled by our LIMS for food and beverage laboratories. Our software is designed for use by both internal laboratories and contract labs.

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Food safety LIMS

Brewery Quality Improvement

Beverage and ​brewery LIMS


Matrix Gemini for the food & beverage industry

Discover everything else you need to know about Matrix Gemini LIMS for the Food & Beverage industry within our brochure.

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