Food and Beverage LIMS

Proving traceability and safety from farm gate to plate remains the highest priority.

It has never been more critical for the food, dairy, beverage and brewing industries to maintain quality standards and safety guidelines while maintaining cost efficiencies. With recent news stories about contamination there is now increased visibility of the need for tracking, traceability and quality control and all within strict guidelines and regulations.

Global Supply Chain

Food, dairy, beverage and brewing companies operate global supply chains of ingredients. But with global resources suffering from economic and environmental impacts there has never a greater need for quality control and traceability.

In-house or contract laboratories in these industries must adhere to compliance guidelines, improve efficiency and maintain profitability. They also need to manage critical production control points, requiring effective planning and scheduling of tests.

"Autoscribe Informatics’ LIMS is designed to assist in the control and monitoring of manufacturing processes."

Traceability Provides Quality Assurance

Given this, like many other manufacturing markets, food, dairy, beverage and brewery companies have come to understand the need for controlling the production, shipping and storage process of raw ingredients and product. Laboratories now rely on a Laboratory Information Management Solution (LIMS) to manage the data, while providing full integrity and traceability of production data for anything that may end up in the consumer food market.

Autoscribe Informatics’ LIMS is designed to assist in the control and monitoring of manufacturing processes, ensuring traceability and safety while helping to control and manage costs. LIMS are a critical component for any food, dairy, beverage and brewing manufacturer's quality management system, ensuring compliance with strict food industry standards and regulations.

(Autoscribe Informatics realizes that these industries rely heavily on Contract Laboratories therefore more details on how our solution operates within Contract Laboratories can be found here.)

Food Safety

A recent focus on food safety has led food Companies to adopt HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) programs and Current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements (CGMPs) to strictly monitor the environments in which food is processed.

Matrix Gemini Environmental Monitoring provides a solid framework to document how food production processes are monitored. Part of the overall LIMS solution it provides an early warning of infection problems, even before they become violations, preventing them from getting to the point at which there is a concern about the safety of the food.

Discover more about Food Safety through Food Sanitation Monitoring.

​Brewery LIMS

Craft breweries are driving the brewery industry to innovate and improve the quality of their product. discover how a Brewery LIMS can provide the framework to drive quality improvement and help make the product more consistent. This article provides more detail.

Article - Brewery LIMS Provides Repeatable Quality and Compliance in a Maturing Industry

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