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10 Steps to Ensure a Successful LIMS Implementation

21st July 2022

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3. Obtain project approval/provisional funding

As your understanding around your LIMS requirements grow you may change your requirements to add, or remove, functionality. This may change the initial project budget but means that approval by the senior sponsor and management is based on realistic requirements. Approval may be an iterative process as requirements are aligned with available budget.


6. User acceptance testing

Testing is usually performed as part of the agile methodology, testing each functional area as it is released. However, it is also common to have an overall user acceptance test where the entire LIMS workflow is tested under as near real conditions as possible. This ensures that the delivered solution really does meet the requirements, and the workflows and data flows are correctly implemented.

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9. Go-Live

Formal Go-Live is when the laboratory switches to using the new LIMS instead of any previous system that was in place.