Configure, run and manage stability studies with ease.

Matrix Gemini Stability provides a stability management system for complete control of stability studies for a variety of industries. This includes creation of the stability protocol with its various notes, required fields and imported documents. Under a study protocol the user defines the “batches” or “lots” associated with that study. A batch then contains a pull schedule, tests, conditions, cycles and test specifications specific to the protocol. A set of standard reports are delivered with the system for reporting of the stability protocol and its associated results. Optionally, the system is also capable of producing projected shelf life trend analysis.


  • Study/Protocol Definition
  • Batch/Lot Definition
  • Pull Times
  • Conditions
  • Condition Cycling
  • Tests
  • Container Placement
  • Container Movement
  • Container Scrapping
  • Extra Containers
  • Project Shelf Life


  • Simplifies study management from protocol design to graphical presentation of results
  • Increases efficiency by full management of storage room operations
  • Saves staff time by automatically registering pulled samples with tests and limits
  • Minimizes implementation time by use of included validation services
  • Provides built-in bar-coded label generation (1D and 2D)
  • Provides shelf life projections

LIMS Video Demonstration

See how Matrix Gemini Stability can help control and run stability study projects in this short video demo.

The system can also be used for contract stability operations. This includes the ability to create quotes and generate sophisticated reports around chamber capacity.

Next Steps

For further information on Stability Study Management see our Matrix Gemini LIMS for Stability Studies brochure.

Case Study

Thornton & Ross Ltd is the largest independent pharmaceutical manufacturer in the UK

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