Track, assign and manage issues with ease

The Matrix Issue Tracker is designed to allow issues/problems/complaints to be logged and actions assigned to yourself or to other people. A full track of all issues and actions is maintained.

This system can be used for individual action lists, actions arising from meetings plus audit tracking including non-conformances etc.

In any organization auditing is of fundamental importance to management and investors. Critical to uncovering problems or discrepancies in business operations it defines a procedure for quality improvement within departments and the organization.

Why Choose The Matrix Issue Tracker?


  • Trend historical performance and monitor improvements and quality issues that affect the business
  • Generate checklists and worksheets from the system and define the managerial sign off process, saving time and costs with automation
  • Easily store, report and select issue records for managerial/operational scrutiny
  • Track, store and manage the status of uncovered issues and automate next actions
  • Create screen and report preferences to your specific needs
  • Built to correspond to ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 requirements for audit regulation


  • Drastically reduce the time required to plan, conduct and document issues/problems/complaints
  • Standardize your quality control by ensuring all stages are complete
  • Strengthen control and security across your organization with regular assessment
  • Company procedures can be configured to mirror organizational objectives

Next Steps

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