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Case Study Shows The Versatility of Matrix Gemini LIMS In A Veterinary Laboratory

27th November 2018

The Agrihealth Group of companies is a leading provider of services that directly support the agricultural and food production industries. Its dedicated team of Veterinary Surgeons specialize in areas such as disease control and monitoring programs, quality assurance, training & education and audit. It also operates a purpose-built category 2 laboratory facility which offers a microbiological testing service to the industry.

The inherent configurability of Matrix Gemini allowed it to be used to create separate management systems for Agrihealth’s laboratory and veterinary services. The laboratory system is handling all poultry related samples being tested for salmonella, e-coli and campylobacter. The versatile reporting system allows the generation of a variety of reports which can be e-mailed to clients if desired. The laboratory has handled around 3000 samples in the 6 months since the system went live.

Agrihealth Case Study