Case studies: Veterinary

Matrix Has the Versatility to Handle Separate Laboratory and Veterinary Services Requirements

Solution: LIMS


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The Agrihealth Group of companies has utilized the configurability and flexibility of the Matrix Gemini LIMS to accommodate two different aspects of the business. One system has been set up to manage the requirements of its laboratory services. Another system has streamlined the veterinary services processes.

The Agrihealth Group of companies, based in Ireland, is a leading provider of services that directly support the agricultural and food production industries across a number of countries. With over 50 years experience, Agrihealth Veterinary Services work closely with the intensive pig & poultry industries. A dedicated team of Veterinary Surgeons specialize in areas such as disease control and monitoring programs, quality assurance, training & education and audit.


    • System needs to handle a wide variety of testing
    • Must be flexible and future proof




      • Two workflows, one for the Lab and one for the Vets
      • Remote client login via web portal allows external access
      • On-line vet authorization speeds approval of results

      “It was very important to us that the system was configurable and not customized – this makes it much easier to support & maintain.”


      Agrihealth also operates a purpose-built category 2 laboratory facility which offers a valuable microbiological testing service to the industry. The laboratory is skilled in the areas of food safety testing, environmental testing, agricultural testing, water analysis and more. There is also a dedicated research department to ensure the entire customer product and service needs are met and continually improved.