Past Webinars

Configuring Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) LIMS to Suit Your Needs

All commercial LIMS vendors claim their LIMS are configurable but how configurable are they really? This webinar provides insight into the claims of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) LIMS vendors, how truly configurable solutions work, and why you need configurable COTS LIMS for your laboratory.

Justifying the Purchase of a LIMS

This webinar is ideal for those purchasing or upgrading a LIMS. Learn the best way of building a business case for your LIMS, and how to get your LIMS project through the approval hoops in your organization and into reality.

LIMS - The Complete Management Solution for Your Laboratory

This webinar explores how a laboratory information management system (LIMS) provides a solid management framework for your laboratory. Learn about the core functions you should expect in a LIMS and modules you can add to maximize efficiency and improve results in your laboratory.

Unraveling the role of LIMS in a Manufacturing Environment

Within any batch manufacturing environment whether in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical and medical devices or not, there exists an array of systems that create, manage and distribute the data vital to the manufacturing process. This webinar will cover the role of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) within this environment and explain why it is a key element in ensuring the quality of your products and in protecting your reputation.

Steps for a Successful LIMS Project

The ideal webinar for anyone considering or starting a LIMS project in 2021. Learn the steps you should take to ensure your LIMS project is a success. Discover how to best gather your internal “User Requirements”, find out what you need to know from your Laboratory team and what questions to ask potential LIMS vendors.

Make Your Laboratory the Focus of Your Business

How do you make the laboratory a key component of your business? A LIMS should be the hub of your operation, not only managing your data, but also growing and protecting your business, and increasing your profits.

The Secrets of Successful LIMS Configuration

Are you interested in learning the secrets of LIMS configuration to allow easier modifications, extensions and upgrades? How can you ensure your implementation is successful? All laboratories are different, and therefore LIMS need to be configured to meet differing needs, as well as to be regularly updated to ensure long-term success.

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