Past Webinar:

Webinar: How to Gather Requirements and Implement a LIMS That Will Meet Your Current and Future Needs

About The Speaker:

Charlotte Fort Findley

Charlotte is a Technical Sales Consultant and Account Manager based in North Carolina, USA. Charlotte has been with Autoscribe for 16 years. Her prior experience includes being a LIMS administrator of Autoscribe's Matrix Gemini LIMS, she has firsthand experience of gathering requirements, implementing, and expanding functionality of laboratory software tools in an active laboratory.

In her consulting role, she works with clients to understand their processes and procedures, and then proposes solutions to help automate their laboratory, improve efficiency, and meet regulatory requirements using Matrix Gemini LIMS. As an Account Manager, she also works with existing customers to discuss the current use of Matrix and what additional features would help them enhance Matrix and plan for expansion.

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