Past Webinars

Ensuring ISO 17025:2017 compliance in your Laboratory

A cornerstone of the ISO 17025 Standard is the requirement for laboratories to demonstrate they operate competently and are able to generate valid results. This, in turn, is key to building trust in the quality of the data and information provided to partners, customers and collaborators.

Efficiently Managing your Mortuary/Morgue

Managing a busy mortuary (or morgue) requires systems to track patients from registration to release, along with the patient’s records and other data such as post-mortem reports and death certificates. Find out the key features of Matrix Gemini Mortuary Manager and the benefits it provides.

Setting your LIMS Project up for Success!

The ideal webinar for anyone considering or starting a LIMS project in 2019. Learn how to best gather your internal “User Requirements” to ensure your LIMS project is a success. Find out what you need to know from your Laboratory team and what questions to ask potential LIMS vendors.

What Makes a Great Veterinary Laboratory LIMS?

Laboratory Management systems for Veterinary Laboratories need the ability to efficiently test samples from a wide range of animals, often needing to report findings to external customers such as vet practices, and often needing to invoice for those services. This webinar outlines how Matrix Gemini Veterinary LIMS addresses these needs and why it is used by Veterinary and Equine Laboratories throughout the world.

Implementing the Perfect LIMS for a Contract Laboratory - Webinar

Contract Laboratories require efficient management systems to drive their operation to include both laboratory and business management functions. This webinar outlines some of the unique needs of Contract Laboratories and how Matrix Gemini LIMS addresses those needs.

Food Safety Through Environmental Sampling Management

Introducing Autoscribe's newly released innovative solution to manage environmental sampling of production and storage areas! If you are involved in sampling to monitor sanitary conditions in food/beverage production, and other industries, this webinar is for you. Perfect for quality control management the Matrix Gemini Environmental Monitoring Solution uniquely links sampling point location, test results and corrective action plans in one easy to use graphical environment.

What does Out-of-the-Box LIMS really mean?

Thinking about replacing your LIMS or buying one for the first time? This webinar will provide insight into the different types of LIMS solutions and the claims vendors make about them. With the promise of instant success, an “out-of-the-box” (OOTB) solution seems the perfect choice for busy labs needing a new LIMS. Many vendors offer LIMS solutions they claim will suit your industry OOTB, but what limitations exist and how you can overcome them?

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