The Instrument Calibration & Maintenance System (ICMS) for the Matrix Gemini LIMS from Autoscribe Informatics provides busy laboratories with another tool to improve quality and compliance as well as drive efficiency. Managing the calibration and maintenance of equipment is a key element of any laboratory Quality Management System(QMS). Matrix Gemini ICMS does this and tracks operational status and history. It also prevents a result being recorded from instruments that do not have a current maintenance or calibration event.

Calibration and maintenance intervals can be defined. Calibration samples can be run against instruments with results automatically compared to acceptable limits and the instruments can be taken out of service if the results are outside the limits.

ICMS is applicable to any equipment in the laboratory. By keeping a record of all equipment within the laboratory together with a history of all maintenance and calibration events, the laboratory can demonstrate that it follows defined procedures. ICMS can provide reminders of pending calibration and maintenance tasks and instruments can be flagged as out of service if these tasks are not completed by the required date. Completing the task brings the instrument back into service and automatically sets the next maintenance or calibration date.

In addition, all faults, breakdowns and non-routine occurrences can also be recorded. By showing the time, date, user and description of the problem, all maintenance issues can be tracked.

A hierarchical list of components may be associated with the equipment. The components associated with a specific piece of equipment can be tracked and may have their own maintenance and calibration schedules defined. If a component is not in maintenance or calibration the equipment itself can be flagged as out of service.