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Five Reasons Why You Will Want this Veterinary LIMS

13th February 2023

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Five Reasons Why You Will Want this Veterinary LIMS


Breed Specific Test Limits

  • Species Vet
    Fig. 1 - Test limits specific to each animal


Culture & Sensitivity Testing

  • Test Grid Vet
    Fig. 2 - Example culture and sensitivity results grid


Manual Differential Testing

Manual differential testing allows trained staff to manually count items while looking through a microscope. It’s more complex than it sounds!

Manual differential testing is performed, for example, to help diagnose health issues by accurately counting the number of white blood cells in a blood sample. The count is incremented using preset keys (on the numeric keypad) of the computer keyboard. Multiple counters may be defined, each counter having a different audible sound when incremented as an aid to the operator. Minimum and maximum count thresholds may be set with audible bleeps given when these counts are achieved. Minimum/maximum thresholds are often important in manual differential testing, since once a certain proportion and quantity is achieved a definitive result is known and the operator can move on to the next sample.

Man Diff Vet


Sample Pooling

  • Sample Pooling Vet
    Fig. 3 - Example of sample pooling for Johne's disease


Client Specific Booking In & Invoicing

  • Booking In Request Vet
    Fig. 4 - Example LIMS sample registration screen