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Scone Equine Hospital Adopts Matrix Gemini LIMS for Veterinary Services

Solution: LIMS

Scone Equine Hospital

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Scone Equine Hospital selected Matrix Gemini LIMS to eliminate the manual processes that were causing bottlenecks in their workflow. The automation of several key processes has significantly reduced errors and ensures that results and reports can be provided to clients in a timely and accurate fashion.

Scone Equine Hospital is part of Scone Equine Group (SEG), the largest provider of equine veterinary services in Australia. With multiple specialist subsidiary practices, SEG is positioned to deliver service and care to all horses, including elite athletes and Olympians, loved companions, pleasure horses, kids’ ponies, working horses, newborns and retirees.

The specialized staff at Scone Equine Hospital have advanced knowledge and skills across the full spectrum of equine practice. Their team of equine veterinarians are world-class experts in equine surgery, medicine, diagnostic imaging, reproduction, neonatal and intensive care. Scone Equine Hospital has a reputation for dedicated care that starts with a personal relationship with clients and is built on a commitment to research and continuing education for the care of horses.


  • Manual processes
  • Querying of results
  • Broad range of testing




  • Increased automation
  • Ease of result queries
  • Reporting requirements met

"Implementation has resulted in increased accuracy of results due to reduction in data transcription errors."

Scone Equine Hospital

The laboratory is located at the Hunter Valley Equine Research Centre, a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Australia’s thoroughbred breeding country. The lab provides a 24-hour service for assessment of a wide range of samples and specimens to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of all horses. This service is supported by specialists in equine veterinary medicine who interpret laboratory results for primary care and referring veterinarians.