Environmental & Water

No Lab Too Small for a LIMS

company: Greenwood Met District Council

solution: Matrix gemini LIMS

Matrix Express LIMS is ideal for a smaller environmental lab that runs a wide variety of tests.

Autoscribe Informatics’ solutions fit any laboratory large or small! A great example is Greenwood Metropolitan District (GMD) who provides environmental water services to the community. Matrix Express LIMS provides the perfect solution for this small laboratory allowing it to automate pre and post-treatment test records.


  • Tests water for multiple organizations as well as its own treatment plants
  • Wanted a LIMS for small laboratories



  • LIMS logs and records all testing, rather than using paper and spreadsheets

Autoscribe were extremely positive throughout. Their approach was ‘We’ll make a system work for your budget’.

Greenwood Metropolitan District (GMD) is a public, non-profit agency providing sewer and reclaimed water services to the community in Greenwood, South Carolina. Laboratory testing of water before and after treatment is an essential part of the process. Although the laboratory is small, Autoscribe Informatics’ Matrix Express LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) has been adopted to replace the previously used paper and spreadsheet method of tracking samples and recording results.

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