Case studies: Environmental & Water

Matrix Gemini LIMS Speeds Up Throughput in Water Testing

Solution: LIMS

Culligan Water


This case study describes how the introduction of Matrix Gemini LIMS at Culligan Water has streamlined sample processing time and increased sample throughput in their EPA accredited laboratory. With the challenge of replacing an old LIMS solution with manual processes, the new LIMS solution created big efficiency savings for the lab.

Culligan Water has been serving the water industry for more than 80 years. Now a world leader in its field, Culligan Water provides innovative water treatment solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial markets through its range of water softeners, water filtration systems, commercial and industrial water treatment solutions, drinking water systems, whole-house filtration systems and bottled water delivery. 


  • Fast turnaround of samples
  • Manually scanned request/registration limited speed




  • Use of barcoding dramatically reduced registration time
  • Direct transfer of instrument results eliminated errors
  • Laboratory is NELAP compliant and EPA certified using Matrix Gemini LIMS

"The audit trail provided within Matrix Gemini is completely in line with the requirements of NELAP."

Culligan Water

Laboratory testing to provide an accurate analysis of a customer’s water quality is a key component of the company’s success, especially as many customers are using well water. Testing ensures that the optimum treatment solution can be recommended. The company’s well equipped laboratory, based in Rosemont, IL, was certified by the State of Illinois EPA to be compliant with National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), which is modeled after similar ISO standards.

The Culligan laboratory is well equipped to carry out a wide variety of water quality tests, such as well water testing, total coliform and lead in water. Handling around 17,000 samples per year the need for laboratory efficiency is very important. Each sample undergoes multiple tests with customers often requesting turnaround times as short as 24 hours.