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Using a LIMS for Quality Control in the Mining Industry

16th February 2021

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Electric vehicles and wind turbines are fast becoming part of our everyday lives. In the UK registration of battery electric vehicles in 2020 doubled over 12 months, while on average wind energy provided 20% of the UK’s power needs (National Grid) and peaked at over 50% during recent storms. This is surely good news given our insatiable appetite for energy. But what is not so widely known is that the generators within wind turbines require rare earth metals in their permanent magnets (including neodymium, terbium, and dysprosium,) to vastly improve their efficiency. Electric vehicles contain similar material in their motors. Other rare earths such as lanthanum and cerium, as well as lithium, are present in the batteries of electric vehicles.

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Delivering Consistent Quality

Whatever Matrix Gemini LIMS starter configuration you use the underlying software will be exactly the same. Configuration of the screens and workflow is completed using the built-in graphical configuration tools. Each customer’s unique configuration is stored within the database, separate to the software, enabling an easy support and upgrade path. Customers may even configure their own screens should they wish. Autoscribe offer a three-day training course to train users to configure their own solutions, enabling them to tweak the system themselves as needs evolve.

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Further Research