Case studies: Materials & Mining

Matrix LIMS Brings Time Savings and Efficiency Gains

Solution: LIMS

A world leader in mining nickel


By replacing an inflexible LIMS with MATRIX Gemini LIMS, the analytical laboratory at a leading metal refiner has been able to incorporate 100% of its test records and results.

The Autoscribe Informatics LIMS solution can be easily configured to meet the laboratory workflow rather than laboratory practices being adjusted to fit the LIMS. Ongoing in-house configuration has refined procedures to bring further time savings and efficiency gains for laboratory staff.


  • Replacement of an out-of-date LIMS and elimination of paper records




  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Shipment certification in minutes rather than hours
  • Elimination of missing results

One of the most satisfying results of the switch to Matrix Gemini LIMS was that our technologists were very happy with the new system and often commented on how much time Matrix saves them in their day to day work.

A world leader in mining nickel

A world leader in mining and metal refining has an in-house inorganic QA/Process Control laboratory which provides process control analysis, final product analysis and environmental analyses for the company’s refinery and supporting operations. The laboratory performs metals (trace and bulk) analysis on in-process samples from the refinery as well as final product analysis and certification. It also supports the other business units and service groups on-site and carries out some effluent and groundwater analyses.