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Advantages of a LIMS

19th June 2019

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  • A LIMS, or laboratory information management system, manages all the data, samples and work within the laboratory. It connects to instruments to pull in testing results. It can also connect to external systems such as ERP, and Finance systems, and even connect to external supplier systems. A LIMS can include data analysis software to analyze and extract data and it can create management reports using the data.
    LIMS may interact with many other systems
  • Autoscribe's LIMS software is designed to be highly configurable. New software release can be installed without affecting the look and feel in any way. The  graphical configuration layer is kept separate to the software within a separate database. Changes are done using a graphical editor. This LIMS is based on "low-code, no-code" development principles, so needs no coding knowledge to configure.
    Matrix Gemini LIMS combines a highly configurable architecture with graphical configuration. The software may be upgraded without affecting the hardware.