Autoscribe Informatics has been creating innovative software solutions since 1981. Over the years we have found that the flexibility of our information management solution makes it suitable for almost any type of laboratory, tracking or business information management solution.

For example we have configured a Mortuary System and a Forensic System.

Configurable Solutions

We have many pre-configured LIMS solutions already available. The key benefit of our solutions however are that they are all built on a common core code platform and have simple to use graphical configuration tools that make changes straightforward.

Our configuration tools allow fast modification of the pre-configured solutions to your exact needs, providing a low cost of ownership through the lifetime of the product. Initial and ongoing configuration can either be done by our dedicated consulting teams, by you the customer, or as a mixture of the two depending on your preferences. Uniquely, we guarantee you WON'T need any software or scripting skills to configure your system.

We offer training courses that provide all the knowledge and confidence you need and provide on-going support and upgrades throughout the lifetime of your LIMS solution.

Next Steps

If you are thinking about purchasing an information management system for of any sort of laboratory of business then please contact us for more details and a web demonstration.