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Matrix LIMS Configured and Implemented Within Three Months

Solution: LIMS

Pixelle Specialty Solutions

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Discover how manufacturer of paper products Pixelle Specialty Solutions uses Matrix Gemini LIMS for its manufacturing QA processes.

Pixelle has a product range from books, papers, envelopes and even products such as self-adhesive labels. Its laboratory offers a wide range of analytical capabilities and has some 15 instruments. Laboratory staff at Pixelle established an extremely close, ongoing working relationship with Autoscribe. This has allowed the design and implementation in just 3 months of a configured Matrix Gemini LIMS for the company’s corporate analytical services group.


  • Workflow management 
  • Daily samples from multiple locations, often requiring multiple tests
  • Include traceability and audit trails, especially for environmental samples




  • Implemented in 3 months
  • 15 instruments connected
  • Used daily by analytical services team

“It was a pleasure to work with Autoscribe to get the original design and implementation through in such a short time”

Pixelle Specialty Solutions

Laboratory staff at Pixelle Specialty Solutions® have established an extremely close, ongoing working relationship with Autoscribe Informatics. This has allowed the design and implementation in just 3 months of a configured Matrix Gemini LIMS for the company’s corporate analytical services group.


Established since 1864, global paper supplier Pixelle has expanded its product range from high-quality book publishing papers and envelopes to an array of highly technical products such as self-adhesive labels, papers for bill boards, reflective road signs, holographic printing and many other specialty paper products. Pixelle’s corporate analytical services group is involved in a wide range of activities across the group: