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User Requirements Checklist

24th August 2020

Picture of cover of the User Requirements Checklist

Receive our FREE detailed word document that helps you to assess each LIMS vendor and fully understand how each vendor meets your user requirements.

Whether you are searching for your first LIMS or looking for a replacement LIMS you need to ensure that you choose the right system for your specific requirements.

Autoscribe also has an independent 'Requirements Definition Service' to help in those early stages. This service, which includes an on-site visit, will deliver a comprehensive user requirements document at an extremely competitive price.

In this definitive LIMS guide you will learn:

  • Ensures you don’t miss the key questions you need to ask
  • Defines the key criteria you need to know to make an informed decision
  • Drives direct vendor comparison with like for like questions
  • Helps you to differentiate LIMS solutions more clearly
  • Ensures you pick the right LIMS for your needs

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This user requirements checklist helps users focus on the key criteria needed to pick the most suitable LIMS for a specific implementation. No two laboratories have the same needs, even between sites of the same Company. This user requirements checklist helps you draw out the key questions you need to ask to make the correct choice for your particular needs.

Arranged as a questionnaire with over 100 questions the user requirements checklist focuses on key areas including vendor experience, technical criteria such as the software used, how system configuration is achieved, user access/security, functionality needs, management reporting requirements and support criteria...