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New White Paper - Using a LIMS to Improve Laboratory Efficiency and Profitability

16th March 2020

Autoscribe Informatics has published a new white paper entitled: "Using a LIMS to Improve Laboratory Efficiency and Profitability". This comprehensive document can be downloaded at: It highlights the extensive capabilities that a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) can provide for a laboratory beyond the obvious management of samples, test and results; concentrating instead on how it contributes to a laboratory's efficiency and productivity.

This white paper reviews the many different types of laboratory data that can be recorded and managed in a single LIMS platform, and how automation can improve data handling, enhance data integrity and increase laboratory capacity. This improves efficiency all-round to make a laboratory more streamlined, more effective, and more profitable.

Using LIMSWPUS V1 Using a LIMS to improve laboratory efficiency and profitability US copy