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Autoscribe Informatics, a leading global provider of laboratory informatics products, is demonstrating its environmental LIMS solution for water/wastewater laboratories at the following US industry events:

  • The Annual Good Lab Practices Conference organized by the Virginia section of the American Water Works Association in Charlottesville, VA, 25-26th July
  • The Environmental Measurement Symposium in Crystal City, VA, 1-5 Aug.
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While all water labs are responsible for testing water samples, there can be many differences in the actual processes and workflows used. This can be due to differing local and national regulatory requirements and many LIMS solutions are not flexible enough to cope with these varied needs. All too often water laboratories have to make do with non-optimal solutions that don’t meet their requirements.

Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini LIMS solution for environmental and water laboratories is an out-of-the-box, but highly flexible, system. The built-in graphical configuration tools mean it can easily be adapted to suit the unique and complex needs of each water laboratory. This means each lab can efficiently manage their unique testing and reporting needs while driving best practice and following local, national, and international quality standards such as NELAP and ISO 17025.

The graphical configuration environment can modify the solution and associated workflows without changing a single line of software. Involving your teams and lab staff in defining any required changes means they get the LIMS they need.

Quotes from customer case studies include:

  • “The audit trail provided within Matrix Gemini is completely in line with the requirements of NELAP”, Culligan Water, Rosemont, Illinois, USA.
  • “Autoscribe were one of few vendors who would link the LIMS into the WIMS”, St. Johns County Utility Department in St Augustine, FL, USA.
  • “The Autoscribe Helpdesk is always open & is always very responsive”, The Water Lab, Ireland.
  • “Most LIMS vendors wanted to sell us a bigger system than we needed. Being a smaller laboratory doesn’t affect the support we get from Autoscribe. They readily configured Matrix Express for us”, Blue Ridge Analytical, Virginia, USA.

Water and wastewater laboratory staff and operations teams are invited to visit Autoscribe Informatics at either event to discuss how we can help improve the laboratory testing and regulatory reporting of their organization.