Webinar: LIMS for Veterinary Laboratories

What Makes a Great Veterinary Laboratory LIMS?

Laboratory management systems for Veterinary Laboratories need the ability to efficiently test samples from a wide range of animals, often needing to report findings to external customers such as vet practices, and often needing to invoice for those services. This webinar outlines how Matrix Gemini Veterinary LIMS addresses these needs and why it is used by Veterinary and Equine Laboratories throughout the world.

This webinar will be held on:
- Thursday 17th October, 2018
- 10am ET USA, 3pm UK, 4pm Europe

Topics will include:

  • The typical needs of a LIMS for a Veterinary Laboratory
  • Unusual tests that Veterinary Labs perform including paired sample analysis and manual differential testing
  • Setting up and using animal dependent reference ranges
  • Pricing and invoicing functions for contract laboratory environments
  • Allowing external access by customers to view test status, results, and certificates of analysis
  • Flexible configuration that enables different workflows and terminology to be used for every laboratory

Whether you are a Veterinary Laboratory looking to improve your current LIMS or looking for a new LIMS this webinar offers something for anyone involved in the Veterinary Laboratory business. Sign up today.

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About Autoscribe Informatics

Autoscribe Informatics have been involved in the LIMS business for 26 years and to date we have never supplied completely identical systems any two customers, even in the same industry. Our philosophy is to develop and supply systems that are built for change and therefore can be adapted, without coding changes, to fit customer requirements i.e. configure the software to match the laboratory procedures and definitely not the other way around. Listen to this seminar an find out what flexible out-of-the-box solutions can really mean.