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Using a LIMS to help reduce the costs of quality testing

24th July 2017

Freq testing 200 120

Laboratory testing is an integral part of quality control processes throughout the manufacturing cycle. The cost to a manufacturer of a defective product could be astronomical, not just in terms of any product recall, but also in terms of brand reputation, especially if the defect could result in any form of personal harm. Nevertheless, testing is expensive, both in cost and time. The effective cost of testing also increases further through the manufacturing cycle in which testing is conducted. The cost of the actual test may not be any more expensive, but the item will have accrued increasing manufacturing costs. One way of tackling the cost of testing without compromising overall quality is through frequency testing, also known as periodic or skip testing.

Side image is the Substance Add/Edit screen showing the five Frequency Testing (or Selective Testing) fields

freq testing

Frequency (or Selective) Testing

The role of LIMS in frequency testing

Frequency (or Selective) Testing with Matrix Gemini LIMS