Visual configuration tools, within a standard core product, ensure our information management systems match your needs, at a fraction of the cost of competitor solutions.

Autoscribe Informatics solutions uniquely feature genuine configuration capabilities, with no custom coding, ensure an exact fit to customer requirements for a wide range of laboratories and processes. Matrix Configuration Tools provide superior flexibility which results in fast implementation and an interface that is familiar and comfortable for each user. In addition, a product that is easy to configure results in a long system life and therefore a reduced cost of ownership.

"Using the configuration tools we have been able to update and expand our LIMS system across multiple-sites for more than 15 years.”

“We can still access all of our historical data and we have always been able to meet the ever changing user and business requirements.”

Matrix Configuration Tools Guarantee a Truly Flexible LIMS

  • Easy to meet changing business requirements – future proof your investment
  • Configure the system once for use with either desktop or web clients thus reducing implementation, validation and support time and costs
  • Autoscribe support for all user developed configurations
  • Reduce implementation and support risk by not using custom code
  • Faster implementation and lower cost of ownership
  • Configure the system to precisely meet user and business requirements
  • Include business management processes and reports in addition to laboratory information and results
  • Scalable from single user to multi-department to multi-national system
  • Archived data always available even after major updates
  • Seamlessly upgrade to newer versions without re-configuration

Next Steps

For further details see our Configuration Tools brochure.

Next Steps

Find out how the Matrix Configuration Tools help our solutuions fit your industry.

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