Case studies: Veterinary

Veterinary Diagnostic Service Utilizes Matrix Gemini LIMS

Solution: LIMS

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory


A well-established UK-based veterinary contract laboratory provides a comprehensive veterinary diagnostic service to veterinary practices throughout the country.

With a team of veterinary pathologists, specialist technicians and administrative staff, the company offers veterinary diagnostic capabilities in the fields of histopathology, immunochemistry, cytology, hematology, clinical chemistry and others.


  • An expired legacy system could not run extra functionality for new services




  • They now have a system that offers a full audit trail of records for tracking both historical and new data.

The audit trail that is left by Matrix is excellent. There are no hiding places if staff try to blame others, as each action by each person is logged and date and time stamped.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Comprehensive tracking of historical and current data, together with the flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions and a system with longevity were the key Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) requirements of a busy veterinary pathology laboratory.