Case studies: Veterinary

Multi-Site Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Uses Matrix Gemini LIMS for Sample Management

Solution: LIMS

Nationwide Labs

Nationwide 250

Nationwide offers over 1100 different veterinary pathology tests covering a broad spectrum of disciplines to help vets swiftly diagnose and treat animals.

Nationwide Laboratories, a Contract Veterinary Lab, used the Matrix Gemini LIMS solution to streamline its multi-site operation and provide remote access to specialist staff in order to review test results from across the country.


  • Multi-site operation with separate LIMS on each site
  • No remote access to tests




  • Reads instruments directly
  • Inter-site sample tracking and management

"The direct transfer of data into reports using veterinary standard VETXML (an industry-standard computer format for transferring veterinary related data and information) is really useful"

Nationwide Labs

The Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information System (LIMS) from Autoscribe Informatics has been used to co-ordinate sample tracking, management and reporting across four different locations for a busy veterinary diagnostic and clinical pathology laboratory.