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Covid-19 Testing Laboratory Benefits from Flexibility of Matrix Gemini LIMS

Solution: LIMS

BioGrad Diagnostics

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Adopting Matrix Gemini as its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has helped BioGrad Diagnostics to manage an explosive growth in COVID-19 testing. BioGrad manages client and sample data within the LIMS, driving efficiency and automation.

BioGrad Diagnostics is a fast-expanding diagnostics laboratory in the UK focused on fast turn-around COVID-19 testing. Founded in 2014, BioGrad provided laboratory based learning for scientists who wanted to pursue professional careers in the field. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 BioGrad pivoted its business model to COVID-19 testing, creating BioGrad Diagnostics. Quickly building a reputation for rapid, accurate Antigen and PCR testing, it analyses ever larger numbers of home test kits posted directly to its laboratory. It has also opened several satellite collection sites including Manchester, Warrington, and Liverpool, offering supervised Pre-Travel, Day 2, Day 8, and Test to Release testing services for UK travelers and international travelers coming to the UK. In addition, BioGrad also offers workplace testing for businesses, schools, and events, ensuring a safe working environment for all.


  • Current management software lacked flexibility
  • Inefficient processes




  • Improved management of client data
  • Fast registration of clients and sample details
  • Automated creation and email of client certificates of analysis
  • Easy data export for PHE reporting purposes

"The LIMS has dramatically improved our efficiency by automating many of the manual and tedious processes."

BioGrad Diagnostics

After investigating the market for a COVID-19 Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) BioGrad decided to purchase a LIMS from Autoscribe Informatics. Autoscribe offered the best choice of flexibility of configuration, and a ready for market LIMS solution that met most of their needs out-of-the-box.