LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

Manage your lab more effectively with a fully configurable LIMS solution that won't let you down.

You can improve your laboratory processes with our LIMS solutions. Many of the world’s largest companies run and manage their labs with an Autoscribe Informatics LIMS solution. Our LIMS solutions can match your exact requirements without writing any programming code. This enables Matrix Gemini to keep in-sync with your evolving needs.

Advantages of a LIMS include

  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Reducing the risk of errors occurring
  • Integrating instruments and systems
  • Ensuring they meet regulatory requirements
  • Finding significant efficiencies

What is a LIMS?

A LIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System. It is a piece of software that helps you manage samples and any associated data. LIMS have evolved advanced significantly over the years to match the evolving needs of laboratories. They have developed from simple tracking tools to full laboratory planning systems to manage many aspects of laboratory informatics.

Today, LIMS integrate a number of additional solutions, including clinical trials management, sample tracking and inventory management, among others.

Why Matrix Gemini LIMS?

You don’t need to be technical to use Matrix Gemini LIMS. The system stands apart from the competition thanks to its flexibility. No custom coding is required, which means any user can configure Matrix Gemini’s workflow, screens or menus.

That, in turn, brings down the costs associated with upgrades and support, meaning that not only is Matrix Gemini one of the most powerful LIMS on the market, it’s the one that will grow with you as your laboratory changes.

Benefits of Matrix Gemini LIMS

  • Future-proof solution thanks to easy configuration
  • Reduced costs of upgrade & support
  • No need for custom code, anyone can change workflows, screens & menus
  • Data is easy to access as it is centralized
  • Real-time reporting keeps you in the picture
  • Improved lab efficiency
  • Enhanced data integrity, meaning you can have increased faith in your data

LIMS built around you

Matrix Gemini LIMS can be found in laboratories around the world, spanning sectors from Metals to Pathology and Pharmaceuticals to the Food & Beverage industry.

Because our LIMS has been used in so many different industries, we often already have a LIMS solution that can quickly be adapted for you, using the Matrix Configuration Tools.

For more information on how our LIMS can help you specifically, view our dedicated LIMS industries page.

Get information quickly

It is important that you can access your information at the touch of a button. As Matrix Gemini LIMS centralises your data, either in your own data centre or in the cloud, you can easily retrieve the information you need.

You can enter and retrieve data through your web browser or via the desktop interface.

Make better, more informed decisions

Matrix Gemini LIMS can help you make better, more informed decisions thanks to its sophisticated real-time reporting. This helps you analyze data more quickly, allowing laboratory managers to get access to the right information at each stage of the testing process.

Grow profitability

Our LIMS uses automation to improve data handling and help detect any irregularities. What's more, they enhance data integrity, increase your laboratory capacity and improve efficiency all-round, helping make your laboratory more streamlined, more effective, and more profitable.

The following diagram illustrates how versatile Matrix Gemini LIMS is:

Standard Out-Of-The-Box Configurations

Our standard Matrix Gemini LIMS solutions provide all a laboratory will need to manage its data and processes.

Matrix Gemini LIMS

A standard LIMS solution with a workflow and screens that suits the average laboratory.

Matrix Express LIMS

An ‘off-the-shelf’ entry level LIMS solution that provides all the functionality a smaller lab might need.

Matrix Gemini LIMS Tracker

Track samples, reagents, consumables or other assets within the laboratory with ease.

Matrix Gemini LIMS Stability

A stability study LIMS ideal for testing products to establish their shelf life and track product degradation.

Matrix LIMS Configuration Tools

Autoscribe's LIMS solutions include Matrix configuration tools to enable you to change any aspect of the workflow and screens, with no software coding or scripting skills.

Additional Modules

These specialized modules extend the functionality of our already highly configurable solutions.

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