Customer Testimonials

EMS, Inc. (Water/Environmental)

“Being a smaller laboratory doesn’t affect the support we get from Autoscribe. They readily configured Matrix Express for us"

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (Biobank)

We now have a much improved method for booking in (biobank) samples. Booking in samples is much faster and simpler than the previous system.

Cavendish Nuclear (Nuclear)

“We are delighted with the support we have received from Autoscribe. We are ‘tweaking’ the system all the time. The future potential for the system is huge, we can develop it in the direction that suits us best”

Thornton & Ross (Pharmaceutical)

“We have had great assistance from the Autoscribe IT help desk. The Matrix Gemini Configuration Tools are easy to use.”

BP Castrol (Petrochemical)

“We are a long-term satisfied customer. Autoscribe accommodates customer suggestions for new features in the LIMS”

Glatfelter (Materials)

“It was a pleasure to work with Autoscribe to get the original design and implementation through in such a short time”

UK Veterinary Contract Laboratory

The audit trail that is left by Matrix is excellent. There is no hiding as each action is logged and date and time stamped.”

DM Scientific (Contract Laboratory)

“Autoscribe listened carefully to our needs during the implementation process. The system has worked without any problems since it first went live.”

“We are very pleased with Matrix and the support”

“(Autoscribe) staff are willing to work with us to achieve our goals.”

“Autoscribe made the (implementation) process very straightforward and easy.” “They (Autoscribe helpdesk) really know the product, inside out.” “All customer support representatives are knowledgeable, polite, helpful, and professional.” “The generation of reports for many customers have been very impressive.”

"The Matrix implementation has been so successful that, in just six months, we have turned around our fortunes from a department generally regarded as a cost liability, into one that is a significant asset providing added value."

"The rapid registration of thousands of samples and customized menus will save us cycle time.

“I have (recommended Autoscribe) several times. And will continue to recommend.”

"We know we can count on Autoscribe to provide us with a quality product and the technical support to back it up. Thank you."

"Thanks to Matrix, we have improved our throughput and reduced the level of paper work and lead times.”

“We have been delighted with the technical support from Autoscribe.”

“Matrix is used by the majority of staff, many of whom have gained access to such data for the first time.”

"Not only have you a great product but you also provide friendly help and advice."

“I would like to thank Autoscribe Informatics for your help and professional support."

“The company is now in a strong position to comply with pharmaceutical GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements that cover computer systems.”

“Your staff is phenomenal and we would definitely recommend the Matrix to other companies.”

"Every time I phone up, the support is brilliant!"