Matrix Tracker

Track samples, assets or anything else within your laboratory

Today companies and organizations operate in highly regulated environments, requiring the need to track and report on items, activities or events, with certainty, as they occur.

Matrix Tracker is the perfect tool to track samples, reagents, consumables, waste, or assets within your laboratory. The unique flexibility of Matrix software means it can be quickly configured to meet your exact needs. Our powerful Matrix graphical configuration tools enable allow you to setup and modify the workflows, screens and menus to meet detailed requirements.

Now there is an easier way to track samples and other items

  • Eliminate errors by using a unique identifier for every item, batch or sample
  • Quick retrieval of samples from any storage location
  • Chain-of-custody tracking for each sample
  • Simplifies inventory management
  • Saves time by providing immediate feedback on item location and work progress
  • Aids regulatory compliance by improving traceability and accountability
  • Easy upgrade to full LIMS functionality
  • Suitable for wide range of tracking applications
    - Tissues, cassettes and slides for pre-clinical studies
    - Clinical trials
    - Hazardous waste tracking including consignment management
    - Container tracking
    - And much more...

"Matrix Tracker can be precisely configured to meet user & business requirements"

Sample Tracking

In application areas such as bio-banking and forensic science the sample tracking capabilities of Matrix Tracker are of huge importance in traceability, chain of custody and regulatory compliance. This is equally true for the tracking of hazardous waste whether this be for hospital environments or industrial environments such as the nuclear industry.

Tracking Examples

Human Clinical TrialsCollection, processing and storage of serum samples
Pathology StudiesCollection, processing and archiving of slides, tissues and fluids
Bio-Active MaterialsProduction and control of labels during manufacturing
Hazardous WasteTracking, location and management of radioactive, bio-hazard or chemical waste
Samples & Seed BanksFinding stored samples in rooms, fridges and freezers
Stability SamplesLocation of retained samples or stability samples and associated records
Reusable ContainersRecording and tracking the usage and location of re-usable containers through a production and test process

Container Tracking

Container Manager is a barcode ready application of Matrix Tracker which allows full traceability of re-usable sample containers through the production, laboratory and/or sampling process.

Each container is allocated a unique identifier against which data (such as container type, sampling location, contents, allowed usage, etc.) is stored. This ensures that only the correct containers are used when collecting samples, preventing cross-contamination, mislabeling and incorrect testing of samples. Automated sample tracking within containers provides a fallback method of identification should sample labels be removed or damaged.

All actions are audited and container chain-of-custody is easily tracked. Container Manager is a fully configurable product with the option to include information such as maintenance dates and other customer specific fields. The product is unique in that it may be configured for both desktop and web use.

For more information on container tracking see our Container Management Brochure.

Flexible Software

Matrix Tracker has both desktop and web browser interfaces making it perfect for either fixed PC workstations or mobile laptops and tablets. It may be deployed as a cloud solution or on a local server as preferred, and is scalable from a single user to many thousands of users over multiple sites.

Further Information

For more information see our Matrix Tracker Brochure.

Case Studies

Cancer Research at the Roy Castle Institute (University of Liverpool).

If you have an 'item' (whatever that may be) that you need to track, then contact us with your tracking challenge.