Matrix Gemini

Matrix Gemini LIMS is Autoscribes feature product


Matrix Gemini LIMS can be used in a wide variety of laboratories, both in size and application. Installations include systems with over 500 concurrent users and single user, single PC systems.

With our LIMS we work with you to create a system that matches your specific requirements, thus allowing you to define screen and menu designs, use your preferred terminology and workflows, create customer specific tables/modules, multiple screens for the same function (e.g. different log-in screens for different product classes such as raw materials, and finished products), multiple sample numbering systems and much more.

Workflow Based User Interface

Matrix Gemini includes several unique features which simplify its operation. The unique user interface can graphically represent the progress of a sample through the laboratory. Simply click on a selected step in the workflow diagram and go straight to that LIMS function. This interface is more intuitive than conventional LIMS menus and better represents the sequence of work in the laboratory. Moreover, multiple workflow interfaces can be used and they can be individually adapted, to suit different work practices within the laboratory.

Regulatory Requirements

Matrix Gemini can also assist with the requirements of highly regulated laboratories including audit trails, time and date stamping of all actions, version control of all reference data, such as test definitions and extensive features in order to meet 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

Our Configuration Tools

There is a lot of confusion around customization and configuration. Autoscribe has the only truly Configurable LIMS – allowing YOU to change and update the system yourself, it’s so easy!

The configuration tools are used to configure screens and menus that are deployed in both the client/server and browser interfaces. We call this "One-time configuration", as the changes are made once and are implemented in the desktop and browser clients immediately. More details on our configuration tools can be found here.

Implementation & Support

Even though you can do it easily yourself, we don’t leave you to it, Autoscribe has an unrivaled reputation for professional LIMS system implementation and local support services.

Why choose Matrix Gemini?

All Matrix systems are designed for use in many different industries and for many different applications:-

1. Designed for change, so that you get a future proofed solution with a longer operational life leading to lower cost of ownership and improved return on investment.

2. Are implemented to your design not ours, so that you get a system that meets your specific requirements including the use or your terminology and workflows.

3. Will be supplied with a unique set of configuration tools, so that the system can be configured and re-configured in the future to meet changing requirements, as they arise.

4. Provide a dual desktop/browser interface, so that you can use the most appropriate interface for the current task.

5. Scalable, so that your LIMS solution can expand as your requirements grow.

6. We have an outstanding record for customer satisfaction so you can be sure that we will offer you outstanding software and support.

7. We use up-to-date software development technology so that you can be sure that your system is compatible with your company IT strategy.

8. Our support team can support every system that we have implemented. both efficiently and cost effectively.

9. Supported by a dedicated team of experts worldwide, so that you talk to real people and get immediate, helpful advice.

10. Our systems are proven systems so you reduce the risk associated with implementing a new solution.

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