Case Studies

Where possible you will find a relevant case study in each product section.  Below is a selection of case studies. If you would like more detail on a particular study please click on the link. 

Matrix Gemini LIMS at work in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories have an important function in raw material evaluation and in production and can significantly impact overall manufacturing performance. Enhancing laboratory productivity leads to improved manufacturing efficiency, and information management in laboratory operations is essential to improving laboratory efficiencies. At Thornton and Ross, the need was identified for a LIMS....................

Thornton and Ross Case Study

Matrix Gemini LIMS at work in the Nuclear Industry

The nuclear power generation industry has some very specific requirements both during the active life of a generating station and throughout its decommissioning phase. The environment around every station is carefully monitored. The monitoring program is stringent and amongst a variety of regulatory requirements, calls for routine and accurate testing and measurement, the maintenance and security of both current and historic data, statistical and trend reports and the submission of quarterly and annual reports to the Environment Agency. This case study describes how the station at Bradwell uses Matrix Gemini to manage their District Survey environmental monitoring program.

Nuclear Industry Case Study

Cavendish Nuclear's environmental laboratory is a specialist in radiometric analysis for a wide range of environmental and personnel matrices, requiring low limit of detection techniques.  This case study is a great illustration of how Matrix users can easily adapt their systems to their changing needs.

Cavendish Nuclear Case Study


Matrix Gemini LIMS at work in the Water Supply Industry

Water companies have a responsibility to its consumers and state and federal government agencies to supply safe and cost effective water.  Flexibility was the highest priority for WaterOne as they needed a product that would fit both their present and future needs.  A product that supported internal and field-based staff in the same environment.  They also wanted a product that was not entering or exiting its lifecycle - the Matrix Gemini product lifecycle target was near the prime of its lifespan.

WaterOne Case Study

Matrix Gemini LIMS at work in Cancer Research Trials

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (RCLCF) is a UK wide charity dedicated to the defeat of lung cancer. RCLCF funds research into the early detection of lung cancer. One of its projects is researching the early diagnosis of lung cancer. Its main aim is to identify people who are at a high risk of developing the disease by using molecular genetics technologies and epidemiology. The management of the human tissue samples stored for clinical trials is stringently monitored and must meet the regulatory guidelines of the Human Tissue Act (HTA) and work must be done in compliance with Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP). The case study details how RCLCF have used Matrix Gemini to help them manage their research facility and meet the regulatory guidelines of the HTA and GCLP.

Roy Castle Case Study

Matrix LIMS at work within a Medical Device Manufacturer

Boston Scientific is a major medical device manufacturer that specializes in minimally invasive devices, such as catheters.  Matrix is used in a high workload environment to track and report on R&D sterilization requests from scientists at a number of facilities.

Boston Scientific Case Study

Matrix Gemini LIMS at work in the Food Industry

At Westward Laboratories automation and mechanization are the key requirements in the high throughput microbiology laboratory. Westward Laboratories have implemented a solution that uses Matrix Gemini LIMS in conjunction with a Kiestra Lab Automation system to give increased productivity, reduced human error and improved tracking and traceability of samples. This case study describes their system.  

Food Industry Case Study 

Matrix Gemini at work in the Veterinary Pathology Industry

A well-established UK-based veterinary contract laboratory provides a comprehensive veterinary diagnostic service to veterinary practices throughout the country. With a team of veterinary pathologists, specialist technicians and administrative staff, the company offers veterinary diagnostic capabilities in the fields of histopathology, immunohistochemistry, cytology, haematology, clinical chemistry and others.

Veterinary Pathology Case Study

Matrix Gemini working with a Global Paper Supplier

Glatfelter has a product range from books, papers, envelopes and even products such as self -adhesive labels. Its laboratory offers a wide range of analytical capabilities and has some 15 instruments.  Laboratory staff at Glatfelter established an extremely close, ongoing working relationship with Autoscribe. This has allowed the design and implementation in just 3 months of a configured Matrix Gemini LIMS for the company‚Äôs corporate analytical services group.

Materials (Paper) Testing Case Study

LIMS at work in the Manufacture of Oils and Lubricants

With around 80,000 samples tested each year, this busy labortatory needed efficient traceability and increased speed.  Our LIMS gave them a virtually paperless laboratory with a tailored workflow providing a full 'chain of custody' from sample registration through to management reporting.

BP Castrol Case Study





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