Veterinary Pathology LIMS

Any veterinary pathology laboratory needs to deliver a high quality comprehensive service, which means a quick turnaround of samples at a competitive price.  As the needs of the veterinary industry continue to change over the years it’s always good to stay ahead of the game and be able to meet those needs. The adaptability of the Matrix solution and support from our technical team has enabled our customers to do just that.

The Matrix Gemini Veterinary Information Management Solution is designed specifically for the veterinary industry based on inputs from our existing customers, whether they are involved in only contract work or whether there is also a research aspect to the operation. The Matrix system combines business management with laboratory management for a fully integrated solution. This highly configurable LIMS can be implemented to meet the specific user requirements of every laboratory.

Matrix Gemini LIMS lets you easily manage:

•Submissions / Cases / Samples
•Archival and retrieval of samples & data
•Implementation of full audit trail and version control
•Compliance with regulatory requirements
•Configure Case / Accession / Submission Forms
•Printing of labels and barcode labels for submissions and containers
•Specific customer and management reporting
•E-Mail or eFax reports, quotations and invoices on demand
•Interfacing of instruments to the system
•Customer stock levels, re-order levels and re-order amounts for forms, labels, large/ small tubes, swabs, blood tubes, envelopes, slide holders and more.
•Pricing, quotations and invoicing, including customer / client specific pricing for profiles and tests.
•Interfacing with any accounting software package e.g. Sage
•Results entry and multiple limits checking against reference ranges
•Retests / Restains
•Work list generation
•Flexible reporting formats for result and management reporting

This solution allows full tracking of cases/samples from booking in through to reporting of results. Analyser links are provided for automatic collection of results. Limit checking is provided based on specific species and breed reference ranges.

The Veterinary Laboratory LIMS simplifies and speeds up the process of booking in submitted samples for analysis. Features such as rapid barcode scanning, automated invoicing and short code dictionaries improve the time needed for tracking all work in the system. This in turn allows a higher volume of business to be undertaken.

Added value comes with the interfacing of analysers saving technician time and improving the reliability of the captured data. Reference limits can be automatically applied to every test result with warnings given for any abnormal values.

A further module is designed for pet crematoria providing a complete solution for all aspects of the business.

Matrix Gemini has a dual desktop/browser interface. This means that you can choose the best interface to suit you. Matrix Gemini delivers an identical user experience no matter whether you use a desktop or browser interface. As soon as any screen is designed using the unique Matrix Gemini "One Time" Configuration Tools, it is immediately available via your network or over the web, without further work.

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