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This market/industry sector is so vast from day to day hospital management to radiopharmacy and Biobank management and then clinical and pre-clinical trials.

No matter what type of organisation it is very important that your laboratory software system will help improve efficiencies and provide traceability. Many of you will also be required to be compliant to guidelines such as 21CFR Part 11 that requires change control, validation and audit trailing.

Depending on your specific requirements our Autoscribe Informatics product suite can be adapted to meet your needs now and in the future. The table below is a very simple illustration of the kind of laboratories that can be served within this sector.

We do not use programmers, we configure the system based on your functional specification. We know requirements change over the years therefore you can either re-configure the system yourself (it’s that simple!) or we can do it for you without any custom code being created.

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Biobank Management

Biobanks and biorepositories are a key element in a growing number of organizations in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical research. The ability to manage an ever increasing number of bio-samples (blood, tissue, DNA etc.), and to comply with the regulatory requirements, such as HTA, GCLP, MHRA and national regulations, is a high priority for all organizations working in this area. Samples need to be tracked at all times and it is essential to be able to record the complete genealogy for all samples and track the aliquots, pooled samples and derivatives of each sample.

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Clinical Trails

Matrix Tracker has been implemented as a sample or tissue tracking solution for clinical trials management. It tracks sample collection, chain of custody, storage, retrieval and provides reporting for the trials and studies. It also helps you comply with the requirements of operating in a regulated environment.

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Pathology LIMS

Designed for both healthcare and veterinary pathology laboratories. The software can manage samples from submission through testing, result entry and checking, result validation and approval to final reporting and data archiving. Systems are barcode compatible, both for printing and reading barcodes, so that samples can be logged and tracked throughout the laboratory. The system can be configured to meet the additional requirements of contract testing laboratories where pricing, quotations and invoicing pay an important part in the running and management of the laboratory.

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A Matrix Gemini PET Production LIMS configuration has been developed in collaboration with hospital-based positron emission tomography (PET) centres in Denmark. This affordable solution gives full traceability from incoming raw materials through to the production of PET radiopharmaceuticals as finished products.
It is implemented to ensure that at each production stage, only tested and approved materials are available in the LIMS inventory to be used in the next step of production. The inventory is automatically decremented as materials are consumed. Expiry dates are held against each item with expired materials flagged and unavailable for use in synthesis.

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The Matrix Gemini Radiopharmacy Information Management System is a fully configured solution to meet the requirements of individual radio pharmacies. It is suitable for radio pharmacies that operate as stand-alone units and those that provide radioactive products to other hospital units. Its flexibility also means that it can support the provision of radioactive material as single injections or as a bulk supply of multiple injections for separation later into individual doses. The system can produce the shipping documents required to allow the material to be delivered to the point of use either within or external to the hospital.

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