Unique Configuration Tools

Matrix Gemini LIMS is highly configurable/adaptable/flexible, within a standard product core. This means that every LIMS we implement can match the customers specific requirements, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Every system we have shipped over the last 20 years is fully and readily upgradeable to the current version. The key to such a flexible product is the built-in configuration tools.
The configuration tools are used to create the initial configuration at implementation and can be used subsequently by either Autoscribe or your own staff who are given High level system access, to further configure or re-configure the system to keep it in step with changes to the laboratory workflow, business practices etc.
These tools are so easy to use that you do not need to be an IT person any employee can be trained to use the configuration tools and therefore update the system in-house as your needs change.



We have the ability to configure your LIMS solution both at implementation and in the future.  This enables you to keep your system in step with the changing requirements of your laboratory. There is little doubt that your requirements will evolve due to new working practices, new regulations, new materials to be analyzed and,maybe, even to cope with future expansion. For more details on our configuration tools click here .

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