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Using the unique flexibility of Matrix software many tracking applications have been developed from sample tracking in the laboratory to asset tracking, waste tracking and animal tracking.  Matrix has the capability and versatility to match your specific tracking requirements.

Matrix Tracker

Matrix Tracker is for all your sample/Item tracking Needs

Today companies and organizations operate in highly regulated environments, tracking and reporting on events, activities or items as they occur. 

The Matrix Tracker system from Autoscribe is a single, highly flexible, software product that can be configured to meet the precise requirements of your application. Totally different screens, fields and labels may be created using the powerful Matrix “One Time Configuration” tools, to match your requirements. 

Matrix Tracker has a dual desktop and browser interface so that you can use the most convenient interface for your current situation. 

In application areas such as bio-banking and forensic science the sample tracking capabilities of Matrix Tracker are of huge importance in traceability, chain of custody and regulatory compliance.  This is equally true for the tracking of hazardous waste whether this be for hospital environments or industrial environments such as the nuclear industry.


  • Simplifies management tasks by tracking any item, batch or sample
  • Enhances compliance giving improved traceability and accountability by auditing all actions
  • Positively identifies the current sample location, owner and chain of custody
  • Tracks relationships between samples, sub-samples, aliquots and derivatives
  • Automatically allocates tasks and tests to samples as they are registered
  • Facilitates ISO17025, ISO9001, FDA 21CFR11 compliance
  • Enhances available information through a standard set of reports
  • Barcode ready

Examples of the type of activity that can be recorded and reported are:

  • Collection, storage and processing of serum samples in human clinical trials
  • Collection, processing and management, including archiving of slides, tissues and fluids in pre-clinical pathology studies
  • Production and control of labels during manufacture of bio-active materials
  • Management, tracking, locating and consignment of hazardous waste (e.g. radioactive, bio-hazard chemical)
  • Tracking, recording and reporting on the location and usage of re-usable containers through a production and test process
  • Location of retained samples or stability samples and associated records
  • Finding environmental, tissue or seed samples stored in rooms, fridges and freezers

View more information on our Matrix Tracker product

Follow the link to see how Matrix Tracker is used for Mortuary Management

Follow the link to see how Matrix Tracker is used at the Roy Castle Institute

If you have an 'item' (whatever that may be) that you need to track, then contact us with your tracking challenge.

Container Manager

Container Manager is a barcode ready application of Matrix Tracker which allows full traceability of re-usable sample containers through the production / laboratory / sampling process.

By allocating each container a unique identifier and storing information, (plant, sampling point, and container type), you can ensure that only the correct containers are used when collecting samples, thereby preventing cross-contamination, mislabelling of samples and incorrect testing of samples. Container Manager also tracks which sample is held in a container providing a fall-back method of identification should sample labels be removed or damaged.

All actions are audited and container chain-of-custody is easily tracked. Container Manager is a fully configurable product with the option to include information such as maintenance dates and other customer specific fields. The product is unique in that it may be configured for both desktop and web use without the use of esoteric scripting or basic programming languages.

Click on the link for more information on Container Management

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